Professor of Rock

 I host a daily radio show. Dubbed "The Professor of Rock" my show focuses on telling stories about the music. Using the station's daily music log my talk sets are filled with content about the music played and presented in tight package suitable for commercial radio.  Plus I bring social media to the show. Moments before my talk set goes to air I tweet and send facebook messages promoting the content of the break. Often containing video, pics and website links. Happening in real time while the show is airing the social media component is something my clients find unique and brings in solid ratings. So don't just 'voice track' a show - present a show. One that's affordable and appeals to your audience. Contact me for demos and a competitive quote! Click on the reel below to hear a short montage of talk sets or better yet hear it for yourself week nights on K-Rock from 7pm-12am NL time. Follow me on social media to get the complete perspective.